Excursion to Saharna monastery

“Saint Trinity” monastery is situated at a distance of 110 km North from Chisnau, on the right bank of Nistru river, in Saharna village. This monastery is considered to be one of the biggest pilgrimages centers in  »»»

Excursion to Capriana monastery

Capriana monastery, one of the oldest monasteries in Moldova (foundation year - 1429) is situated at a distance of 40 km north – west from Chisinau. For a long period it was considered to be the headquarters  »»»

Excursion to Hincu Monastery

In 1678, at the banks of Kogilnic river, in Codri (55 km from Chisinau) region was founded Hincu monastery. It was founded by Hincu boyar, at the request of his daughter, where she becomes a nun. But, because the wood church and nun’s rooms were  »»»

Excursion to Old Orhei

One of the most famous tourism attractions with the remains of different civilizations – is the museum complex Old Orhei. It is situated on the banks of Raut river, at a distance of ab  »»»

Excursion to Cojusna winery

Cojusna” wine factory was founded in 1944 and till present is one of the leading companies that produces and exports wines, strong drinks (with the exposure time  »»»