Excursion to Hincu Monastery

 Excursion to Hincu Monastery

 In 1678, at the banks of Kogilnic river, in Codri (55 km from Chisinau) region was founded Hincu monastery. It was founded by Hincu boyar, at the request of his daughter, where she becomes a nun. But, because the wood church and nun’s rooms were numerously times attacked by Tatars during the XVIIth century, nobody lived there during this period. In 1835 a new stone summer church was built in Russian – Byzantine style, and in 1841 was also founded the winter church.

During the period between from 1956 – 1990 the monastery was closed by soviet authorities, and there was opened a tourism complex and a sanatorium of Ministry of Health on its territory. In 1990 at the request of local citizens the monastery was re-opened, and now, according to the number of visitors is placed at leading position in Moldova.

Near the monastery there are a lot of springs, one of which is mineralized.

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