Today catering is one of the brightest, most-sided and dynamically developing branches of restaurant business.

When people refer to a "catering", they are referring to that type of restaurant activity when are organized banquets, smorgasbords, fourchettes, cocktail parties, barbeques – in any place the customer desires. Its distinctive features are: an exceptional mobility, endless varieties of dishes, all-inclusiveness of services.

The essence of catering is considered – mobility. Now the restaurant that comes to the client, at any place, and exactly a settled time.

Catering rejects idea of traditional national food and “a menu for all cases” it follows the conception «all cuisines of the world one table». On Moldovan market catering was spread not so long time ago.

Hear are the main principles that are followed by the caterers of  "Casa Vinului":

  • High standards of service 
  • Timeliness of serving dishes
  • The newest equipment and modern ware
  • Comfortable atmosphere

Not less important is the individual approach to the customers, corresponding to this principle each event is a new one, absolutely different. Depending of course on the place of the ceremony/picnic/banquet, on the main concept and other peculiarities of the feast we make catering unique even in the choice of food.

Catering restaurant «Casa Vinului» disposes its own rich special base and technical equipment for organizing banquets and other events, let us serving people from 1 to 3000 people. Not less important is domestic manufacture, which permits to the caterers «Casa Vinului» maneuver in the case of possible unexpected and nonordinary requests of our customers. We have very advantageous conditions collaborating with the most famous companies in the field of Event Service, that is why it is easy to offer the full range of services all-inclusive to create the ceremony the best.

Catering restaurant «Casa Vinului» has great experience in organizing family ceremonies, events for VIP, corporate feasts. We control each step, each stage, we are responsible for the quality of everything we do, and we guarantee the best professional skilled managers and stuff!